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Volume 29, No. 4 – April 2016

Volume 29, No. 4

The President’s Message

If you have not done so, please pay your dues at the April meeting or mail your check to Robert Krasner, 2450 Lantana Road # 2407, Lantana, FL 33462. Thank you to everyone who rounded up their check. It was greatly appreciated.

If you have any suggestions for future speakers, please call or email me.  Please continue to bring any books, tapes, or cd’s for the raffle.

Gerridine LaRovere

April 13, 2016 Program:

Ben Salata will be our next speaker.  His topic will be: Teaching to the Test - Presenting the War of Rebellion to the Public.  Mr.  Salata in the Curator of Collections for the Historical Society of Palm Beach County.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Florida Atlantic University and a Master of Arts in Historic Preservation at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Since 1998, he has served cultural arts organizations throughout the South as a museum curator and educator for organizations including the Historic Lake Wales Society, the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, the National Civil War Naval Museum, the Historic Columbus Foundation, the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, the University of South Carolina, and the US Army Women’s Museum.  Ben is also a historical reenactor for both the 19th and 20th centuries and an “extra” who has been in movies and documentaries on PBS, National Geographic, the History Channel, and the American Hero’s Channel.

March 9, 2016 Program:

HillThe Man in the Red Battle Shirt- the Life of General A.P. Hill was presented by Patrick Falci, actor and performing historian.  He portrayed A.P. Hill in the movie Gettysburg.  Patrick Falci gave a mesmerizing program in his vivid red shirt and with sword in hand transported us to 1863.  The talk, punctuated by dramatic gestures, was one of the most entertaining programs in recent memory.

The presentation encompassed Hill whole life and therefore was much abbreviated.  Unlike most children, he knew from a young age just what he wanted to do; he would be a warrior and a leader of men.  It was interesting to note that Hill did not get along with many of the other senior commanders, particularly Jackson.  He believed that he did all of the fighting and Jackson got all of the credit.  Given that our group "lives" for the details, Patrick promised to return next year and discuss AP Hill at Gettysburg and the making of the movies.

Patrick was historical advisor for the movies Gettysburg and Gods and Generals that were written and directed by Bob Maxwell.  In addition to the historical research and supplying photographs of the era, Patrick scouted out locations in Maryland for the films.  Patrick took Maxwell on a Stonewall Jackson tour of Civil War battlefields and other historical sites.  Patrick played Rough Rider #2 in producer/actor Tom Berenger’s film of the same name.  He, served as Jeff Shaara’s historical advisor, and provided research and tours of Civil War sites portrayed in his books.  Patrick vetted John Jakes’s manuscripts for On Secret Service and Charleston, at its editor’s request.

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