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Note, the calendar now lists events in reverse chronology with the next program highlighted in blue ink. 

Speaker: Gerridine LaRovere
Subject: History of Taps

Speaker: Robert Krasner
Subject: How the Mexican War Influenced Civil War Generals

Date: June 12, 2024
Speaker: Gerridine LaRovere & Janell Bloodworth
Subject: What They Did After the War

Date: May 8, 2024
Speaker: Ken Corhan
Subject: Life of Henry Hallack

Date: April 10, 2024
Speaker: Adam Katz
Subject: Civil War businesses still in operation today

Date: March 10, 2024
Speaker: Patrick Falci
Subject: TBD

Date:  February 14, 2024
Speaker: No meeting

Subject: N/A

Date: January 10, 2024
Speaker: Robert Macomber

Subject: TBD

Date:  December 13, 2023
Speaker: TBD

Subject: TBD

Date:  November 8, 2023
Speaker: Gary Bachman

Subject: Incompetent Civil War Generals

Date:  October 11, 2023


Date:  September 13, 2023
Speaker: Gerridine LaRovere and Janell Bloodworth

Subject: Interesting Personalities You May Not Know about in the Civil War

Date:  June 14, 2023
Speaker: Guy Bachman

Subject: Seminole Wars

Date:  April 12, 2023
Speaker: Janell Bloodworth

Subject: Mudd & Moon

Date: March 8, 2023
Robert Krasner
Subject: His program will be The Life of William Barker Cushing. 

Date:  February 8, 2023
Speaker: Gerridine LaRovere & Bill McEachern

Subject: A play in one act about a Planter, Traitor, Lawyer, or Spy

Date:  January 11, 2023
Speaker:  Robert Macomber

Subject:  Russia's Intriguing Role in America's Civil War

Date:  December 14, 2022
Speaker:  Bill McEachern

Subject:  Wade Hampton

Date:  November 9, 2022
Speaker:  Gerridine LaRovere

Subject:  The Life, the Myth, and Politics of Thomas Nast

Date:  October 12, 2022
Speaker:  Janell Bloodworth

Subject:  Clara Barton

Date:  September 14, 2022
Speaker: Craig Freis

Subject: The original Winfield Scott to Ben Butler letter

Date:  August 10, 2022
Speaker:  Adam Katz

Subject:  Battle of Ball’s Bluff

Date:  April 8,  2020
Peppy Lizza
Subject: Civil War Music

Date:  March 11,  2020
Speaker: Patrick Falci
Subject: Lee's Forgotten General at the Battle of Gettysburg

Date:  February 12,  2020
Speaker: Chuck Riley and Gerridine LaRovere
Subject: Was W.W. Strickland a traitor, patriot, deserter, or collaborator?

Date:  January 8, 2020
Speaker: Adam Katz
Subject: Strong Presence of Baseball During the Civil War

Date:  December 11,  2019
Speaker: Robert Macomber
Subject: Grog, the most famous drink afloat

Date:  November 13,  2019
Speaker: Robert Schuldenfrei
Subject: In Judgement of Ben Butler

Date:  April 10,  2019
Speaker: Charles Riley
Subject: The Battle of Olustee

Date:  March 13,  2019
Speaker: Patrick Falci
Subject: Generals and their War Horses

Date:  February 13,  2019
Speaker: David Meisky
Subject: Civil War officers who served in Florida

Date:  January 9,  2019
Speaker: Joe Truglio
Subject: John Milton Chivington - Hero of Glorieta Pass, Butcher of Sand Creek

Date:  December 12,  2018
Speaker: Robert Macomber
Subject: The Crucial Role of Key West in the Civil War

Date:  November 7,  2018
Peppy Lizza
Haunted Battlefields

Date:  October 10,  2018
Speaker: Janell Bloodworth & Gerridine LaRovere
Subject: Dr. Samuel Mudd & Elizabeth Dickenson

Date:  September 12,  2018
No meeting in September.

Date:  August 8,  2018
Speaker: Marshall Krolick
Subject: The Boy General

Date:  July 11,  2018
Speaker: Peppy Lizza
Subject: Civil War Music

Date:  June 13,  2018
Speaker: Cynthia "Cindy" Morrison
Subject: Teamsters and Wagoneers

Date:  May 9,  2018
Speaker: Cynthia "Cindy" Morrison
Subject: Custer's Last Stand

Date:  April 11,  2018
Speaker:  Gerridine LaRover & Janell Bloodworth
Subject: Mary Lee & Emilie Todd Helm

Date:  March 14,  2018
Speaker:  Jack Davis
Subject: The General in Love, The story of General Gabriel C. Wharton's CSA courtship and marriage.

Date:  February 14,  2018
Speaker:  David Meisky
Subject: The Governor's Odyssey: William 'Extra Billy' Smith and the Fall of the Confederacy

Date:  January 10,  2018
Speaker:  Gerridine LaRovere
Subject: A Tour of Washington, D.C. during the Civil War

Date:  December 13,  2017
Speaker:  Robert Macomber
Subject: Blood Money: The Caribbean's Crucial Role In The Civil War

Date:  November 8,  2017
Speaker:  Robert Krasner
Subject: Rutherford B. Hayes and the 23rd Ohio.

Date:  October 11,  2017
Speaker:  William McEachern
Subject: The Break Though: The Fall of the Confederacy.

Date:  September 13,  2017
Speaker:  TBD
Subject: TBD

Date:  August 9,  2017
Speaker:  LTC (Ret.) Harold Knudsen
Subject: Modern War Methods of General James Longstreet

Date:  July 12,  2017
Speaker:  Josh Liller
Subject: The Civil War and Lighthouses

Date:  June 14,  2017
Speaker:  Philip Leigh
Subject: Southern Reconstruction

Date:  May 10,  2017
Speaker:  Members of the CWRT
Subject: Fascinating Facts About President's Who Served in the Civil War

Date:  April 12,  2017
Speaker:  Marshall Krolick
Subject:  Brandy Station

Date:  March 8,  2017
Speaker:  Patrick Falci
Subject:  The Making of the Movie Gettysburg

Date:  February 8,  2017
Speaker:  David Meisky
Subject: Confederate money

Date:  January 11,  2017
Speaker:  Joseph Rose
Subject: Grant Under Fire: An Exposé of Generalship & Character in the American Civil War

Date:  December 14,  2016
Speaker:  Robert Macomber
Subject: Confederate Generals in Union Blue -33 years later

Date:  November 9,  2016
Speaker:  Robert Krasner
Subject:  "Stonewall Jackson - Military Genius?"

Date:  October 12,  2016
Speaker:  No meeting in October

Date:  September 14,  2016
Speaker:  CWRT Members
Subject: What was going on in other countries 1856 - 1866

Date:  August 10,  2016
Speaker:  William McEachern
Subject: Robert E. Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg

Date:  July 13,  2016
Speaker:  William B. Hines
Subject: Civil War Transportation

Date:  June 8,  2016
Speaker:  Josh Liller
Subject: The Civil War in the Indian River area

Date:  May 11,  2016
Speaker:  Robert Schuldenfrei
Subject: Sherman at Shiloh

Date:  April 13,  2016
Speaker:  Ben Salata
Subject: Teaching to the Test - Presenting the War of Rebellion to the Public

Date:  March 9,  2016
Speaker:  Patrick Falci (who portrays A. P. Hill)
Subject: The Man in the Red Battle Shirt

Date:  February 10,  2016
Speaker:  Gerridine LaRovere
Subject: A Taste of the Civil War

Date:  January 13,  2016
Speaker:  William Hines
Subject: The Union Navy

Date:  December 9, 2015
Speaker:  Robert Macomber
Subject: Joint Army-Navy Civil War Operations On The FL Gulf Coast & The Two Men Who Made It Work

Date:  November 11, 2015
Speaker:  Dr. Ralph Levey
Subject: 1860: Year of the Party of No Compromise or How to Lose an Election

Date:  October 14,  2015
Speaker:  Robert Krasner
Subject: The Presidency of U.S. Grant and his Round the World Voyage

Date:  September 9,  2015
Speaker: Craig Freis
Subject: Discussion from actual period newspapers

Date:  August 12,  2015
Speaker:  Gerridine LaRovere
Subject:  Vinnie Ream, Talented Sculptress or Wily Temptress

Date:  July 08, 2015
Speaker:  Eliot Kleinberg
Subject: Civil War Florida

Date:  June 10, 2015
Speaker:  Janell Bloodworth
Subject: John Brown

Date:  May 13, 2015
Speaker:  Gene Cross
Subject: Letter's Home, Three Years under General Lee in the 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Date:  April 08, 2015
Speaker:  Stephen Singer
Subject: Southern Guerillas: Quantrill, Anderson, and the James Brothers

Date:  March 11, 2015
Speaker:  Robert O'Neill
Subject:  JEB Stuart's Christmas Raid

Date:  February 11, 2015
Speaker:  Robert Schuldenfrei
T-Mails, The Telegraph and Battle Management

Date:  January 14, 2015
Speaker:  Steven Stanley
Subject: Mapping the Civil War

Date:  December 10, 2014
Speaker:  Robert Macomber
Subject:  The global aspects of the American Civil War

Date:  November 12, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Francis Ducoin
Subject: The Men of the Monitor

Date:  October 8, 2014
Speaker: Monroe Ackerman
Subject: The first 40 days of Lincoln's Presidency".

Date:  September 10, 2014
Speaker:  Robert Krasner
Subject: Confederate Metal of Honor

Date:  August 13, 2014
Speaker:  Janelle Bloodworth
Subject: Three Civil War Human Interest Stories

Date:  July 9, 2014
Speaker:  Stephen Seftenberg
Subject: Battle of Shiloh

Date:  June 11, 2014
Speaker:  Chris Freis
Subject: A collection of New York Times newspapers from 1855-65

Date:  May 14, 2014
Speaker:  Dr. Gordon & Douglas Dammann
Subject: Civil War medicine & Museum in Kenosha, WI

Date:  April 09, 2014
Speaker:  Robert Altman
Subject: Veterinary medicine

Date:  March 12, 2014
Speaker:  "Bud" Robertson
Subject: The Untold Civil War

Date:  February 12, 2014
Speaker:  Larry Hewitt
Subject: Civil War Myths and Mythmakers

Date:  January 08, 2014
Speakers:  William McEachem and Gerridine LaRovere
Subject: An interview with Daniel Sickle, a man of many attributes.

Date:  December 11, 2013
Speaker:  Robert Macomber
Subject: TBD

Date:  November 13, 2013
Speaker:  Dr. Francis Ducoin
Subject: Forensic Work on USS Monitor

Date:  October 9, 2013
Speaker:  Richard Adams
Subject: West Point Class of 1861

Date:  September 11, 2013
Speaker:  Janell Bloodworth
Subject: Emilie Todd Helm, Lincoln's sister in law

Date:  August 14, 2013
Speaker:  Steve Seftenberg
Subject: Red River Campaign

Date:  July 10, 2013
Speaker:  Panel
Subject: "inQUIZative" about the Civil War.

Date:  June 12, 2013
Speaker:  Bob Watson
Subject: TBD

Date:  May 8, 2013
Speaker:  Janell Bloodworth
Subject: Nuns in the Civil War

Date:  April 10, 2013
Speaker:  Donna Adair
Subject: An American Odyssey

Date:  March 13, 2013
Speaker:  Christian Davenport
Subject: Florida at the time of the Civil War

Date:  February 13, 2013
Speaker:  Sherry Bruce
 My Brother, My Son

Date:  January 9, 2013
Speaker:  Robert Schuldenfrei
 The Trials of Lew Wallace

Date:  December 12, 2012
Speaker:  Robert Macomber

Date:  November 14, 2012
Speaker:  Marshall Krolick
 Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg

Date:  October 10, 2012
Speaker:  Bill McEachern
 Hampton Legion: Hebrides, History, and Hampton the Man

Date:  September 12, 2012
Speaker:  Stephen Singer
 George Custer after the War

Date:  August 8, 2012
Speaker:  Rodney Dillon
 Bringing the Civil War to Palm Beach County

Date:  July 11, 2012
Speaker:  Monroe Ackerman
 Civil War Diplomacy

Date:  June 13, 2012
Speaker:  Marsha Sonnenblick
 Jews and the Civil War

Date:  May 9, 2012
Speaker:  Judge Nelson Bailey

Date:  April 11, 2012
Speaker:  Robert Schuldenfrei
 Out of Thin Air, the Story of Southern Logistics.

Date:  March  14, 2012
Speaker:  Marshall Krolick
 Riding for the Union: Memoirs of the 8th Illinois Cavalry.

Date:  February 8, 2012
Speaker:  Frank O'Reilly
 Park Service Historian

Date:  January 11, 2012
Chris Kolakowski
 Patton Foundation Museum

Date:  December 14, 2011
Speaker:  Robert Macomber
"The Forgotten Cousin." It's about Alexander Semmes, cousin of the legendary Raphael Semmes of the CSN.

Date:  November 9, 2011
Professor Steve Engle
Subject:  Abraham Lincoln's Crisis of Federalism

Date:  October 12, 2011
Speaker:  Margie Yansura
Subject:  My Grandfather, Union foot soldier.  Note: Margie's grandfather was 79 when her mother was born!

Date:  September 14, 2011
Speaker:  Bill McEachern & Gerridine LaRovere
Subject:  David Davis

Date:  August 10, 2011
Speaker:  Ed Palmer
Subject:  My Great Great Grandfather, a soldier at age 45

Date:   July 13, 2011
Speaker:  Monroe Ackerman
Subject:  Stephen A. Douglas

Date:  June 8, 2011
Speaker:  Bill McEachern
Subject:  "Civil War Reflections" by James I Robertson

Date:  May 11, 2011
Speaker:  Camille Granda
Civil War Through the Eyes of the Ordinary Soldier

Date:  April 13, 2011
Speaker:  Rodney Dillon
Moses, Abraham, Murder, and Atlanta

Date:  March 9, 2011
Speaker:  Marshall Krolick
Subject:  The Common Soldier and the Civil War.

Date:  February 9, 2011
Speaker:  Member panel
Subject:  This week in Civil War History; February 9, 1864

Date:  January 12, 2011
Frank A. O'Reilly
Battle of Fredericksburg

Date:  December 8, 2010
Speaker:  Robert Macomber & Holiday Party
Subject:  TBA

Date:  November 10, 2010
Speaker:  Stephen Seftenberg
"'The Peoria Speech' and Abraham Lincoln's rise to national prominence."

Date:  October 13, 2010
Eliot Kleinberg staff Writer Palm Beach Post
Subject:  Florida history and the Civil War

Date:  September 15, 2010
Speaker:  The "Widow" Clark
Subject:  Living history, southern mourning customs

Date:  August 11, 2010
Speaker:  Our membership
Subject:  History quiz


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