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Volume 30, No. 10 – October 2017


President’s Message:

I hope that everyone is safe and sound after the unladylike hurricane called Irma visited South Florida.  Unfortunately, there were serious communication issues, and I was unable to announce the cancelation of the September meeting.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.  I had no electricity, telephone or use of my computer.

Several people have called and asked if current events will be discussed at the next Round Table meeting.  As I tell any reporters that call for comments, our goal is to study, discuss, and exam events that happened during the Civil War.  Also included are the years immediately preceding and following the War.  The Round Table is apolitical and non-partisan.

In October, Bill McEachern will present an exciting program, “The Break Through: The Fall of the Confederacy.”  Come to the meeting and hear about one of the largest Union charges of the War that is rarely mentioned.  15,000 men crept up under cover of night and attacked at dawn.  The Muleshoe?  No.  Did it work? Yes.  Still don’t know?  Come and find out!  Did it end the War?  Come and find out on October 11th.

 Gerridine LaRovere


Last changed:  09/27/17

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