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Volume 33, No. 2 – February 2020

The President’s Message:

If you have not paid you dues, now is the time. Be sure to bring your dues to the February meeting.

Every member is asked to bring one refreshment a year to a meeting. Please sign up for your month.

The raffle is in need of books and any Civil War memorabilia.

Gerridine LaRovere

February 12, 2020 Program:

During the first week of January, 1861, Florida was not a hot bed of secessionists. There were many factions, Unionist, conditional Unionist, secessionist, conditional secessionist, independent, and many others in be-tween. However, on January 19, 1861 a great debate took place and after a vote by delegates the Ordinance of Secession was adopted by Florida. Did everyone suddenly become a pro-secessionist? The answer is a re-sounding “No.” The complexity of these issues will be examined through the life of Floridian, W.W. Strick-land. Was W.W. Strickland a traitor, patriot, deserter, or collaborator?

Chuck Riley and Gerridine LaRovere will give you the known facts through a living history program. After hearing the presentation where would you stand? Where would your loyalties lie?

January 8, 2020 Program:

I was not in attendance for this meeting.  No one took notes such that this section could be written.    In this presentation, Adam Katz discussed the strong presence of baseball during the Civil War.  He showed the passion Abraham Lincoln had for the game.  The audience saw how intertwined baseball was for the soldiers and their Civil War experience.  Adam illustrated that while the war was going on, the home front still craved news on not only how their hometown heroes were doing on the battlefield, but on the ballfield as well.  Just because the baseball season stopped, didn't mean the baseball competition ended.


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