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Volume 35, No. 12 – December 2022


The President’s Message:

Welcome the holidays by attending our December meeting. Besides camaraderie, you can enjoy the experience of learning something new about this historical period. Please bring a friend, relative, pet panther or ocelot. 

Dues are due, and there will not be an increase.

Gerridine LaRovere 

December 14, 2022 Program:

William D. McEachern, award-winning novelist, lecturer, and historian, will present a talk entitled: Wade Hampton, Hampton's Legion, and James A. McEachern.  The talk will highlight Mr. McEachern’s great-grandfather, James A. McEachern.  Wounded twice, James McEachern fought for the Confederacy.  From Fort Sumter through Appomattox, serving in the infantry and mounted infantry.  He was engaged in most major battles in the eastern theatre as well as Lookout Mountain and Knoxville.  Before the War Wade Hampton was the richest man in the South and probably the United States.  Although he opposed secession, he decided to the serve the Confederacy.  Out of his own funds, he enlisted and equipped a legion of infantry, cavalry, and artillery.  During the War, the legion was separated into its constituent parts, with Wade Hampton leading the cavalry portion, finally rising to lead the Cavalry Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia upon the death of Jeb Stuart.  After the War he was active in politics and became governor of South Carolina.


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